Monday, December 7, 2009

Update! 10 Days in Australia and counting...

Hello all! Well, I am still alive. I am totally off the grid, but alive. How did we ever survive a life without cell/mobile phones and the Internet before? I have NO idea. All I know is that I cannot wait to be connected again. The application is in with iiNet (any former colleagues want to do me any favors? now is the time! :) and Virgin owes me a mobile phone that I ordered before I left Switzerland. Once I am back in touch with the world, you will hear and read more from me. I promise. Until then, a short update.

We have been REALLY busy getting back into the Australian way of life. Last week I started my new job - that is right, I already had a job lined up before I left Switzerland, and I started oh three days after landing back in the country. Finding the job before leaving Switzerland - brilliant. Starting the job before getting over jetlag - DUMB. Needless to say, I am over the jet lag as of this past weekend but for some reason I REALLY suffered this time. We are talking waking at midnight and not getting back to sleep until 4 am, and all that the night before my first day of work.... NIGHTMARE. But I made it through and I am really enjoying the job so all is well on that front. Thank goodness they did not throw the towel in on me during those first few lethargic days! ;)

We are back in our house as well - which is also lucky as the tenants could have been in the house until December 11th. On the other hand, that means we are sitting around in an empty house until January 10th at the earliest when our container arrives. Thankfully, a few good friends and family have set us up with extras - extra fridge, extra bed, etc. With that and the stuff we had stored at family, we are set! Just don't be stopping by for dinner unexpected as we only have so many camping chairs and frozen pizzas to go around. ;)

Sometimes I feel like Switzerland is so, so far away in my mind and like it never happened - being back in a familiar place with familiar friends and places. It makes me sad sometimes that we left, especially during my favorite time of year - Christmas. The holiday season is just not the same when instead of snow and Gluhwein you have Santas in board shorts and barbecues. I have to keep reminding myself that when I see 'Summer' on campaigns at work it means they go live NOW and not in six months. But I will suffer through the seafood buffets and Christmas pool parties and endless days of sunshine and blinding tinsel, thinking of you all that I left behind.... oh yes. I will suffer. ;) But what I wouldn't give somedays for some Apfelchuechli and some snow... once I get this Internet hooked up at home and don't have to 'borrow' it from neighbors I will read all the Swiss Christmas blog posts with a tear in my eye... and perhaps some hot cocoa (probably a la mode - this is Australia) to remember the good times.

I have not been blogging much on the new blog, Aussie Story Blog, but only because of the lack of Internet. Rest assured I am taking lots of photos and blogging in my mind, waiting for the day when I will be back on the net... until then, know we are doing well, that we are happy to be home, and that we are thinking of all of you. Thanks again for all the well-wishes... moving back home is a lot of work, and it is sad to leave those behind, but being the first time I have returned to a place I can call my home, I am happy to say it is a really nice feeling to be back.

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Chantal said...

Wow, congrats on starting your job ALREADY! Whew. You've been busy. Good luck getting settled in. Calling a place "home" sounds so comforting!

Habebi said...

Amazing you were able to hit the ground running despite the jet lag! I hope you are settling in well and I am looking forward to reading more about Oz-land and your life there. Take care!

Anonymous said...

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